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The United States Climate Partnership Association (USCPA) is a non-advocacy cross-industry trade association of company climate, environment, energy, and public policy management professionals. USCPA provides a private forum for companies to manage political risk by staying abreast of policy activities at the state, federal and international levels; network with a broad array of managers from diverse companies; and meet with key policy makers and external stakeholders during our regularly scheduled workshops. As a result, USCPA is a public policy issues management resource, a global information source, and a learning organization.  

Companies find strategic value in discussing climate, environment and energy issues that impact their company and/or their suppliers and customers. USCPA is the only U.S. organization of its kind.

As a public policy issues management resource, USCPA regularly provides forums with key state, federal and international policy makers where timely issues/policies are discussed in a private setting.

USCPA is a global information source that is especially valuable to multi-national companies. USCPA recognizes that climate, environment, energy and public policy managers cannot manage risk without staying abreast of initiatives, regulation, legislation, policy decisions and protocols at the state, federal and international levels. USCPA keeps their member companies up-to-date with the latest on what is happening and provides a monthly forum to address their implications.

As a learning organization, and as needs arise, USCPA provides a forum for companies to learn about a wide variety of important issues such as: accounting for  your greenhouse gas emissions; identifying low-cost options inside your operations; identifying options outside your operations; supply chain; verification and certification of emissions; carbon trading – Kyoto CDM/ JI; reporting GHGs to the EPA; transparency and public reporting; shareholder resolutions; public policy issues management; and setting goals.



"USCPA provides the access to and context regarding information and insight into the national and international developments regarding climate and energy-related policy.  The dialogues that are made possible are truly valuable in helping to chart a course of action.  From nowhere else do we get such intimate connections." -Mitch Jackson, Vice President, Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, FedEx Corporation

“BNSF Railway obtains significant value from our membership in USCPA. USCPA’s non-partisan approach to climate issues serves its members well in getting access to bi-cameral congressional speakers to better understand emerging issues and potential Executive and Congressional action. USCPA enhances our networking relationships with industry peers, government/agency officials and associated environmental organizations. Interaction with these climate stakeholders is helping to create a more meaningful dialogue on significant issues. In addition, USCPA’s daily climate e-news articles are a good way to track potential new climate action and trends.” -John Lovenburg, BNSF Railway, Vice President, Environmental

“USCPA provides straightforward and off the record reality checks on what Hill and policy leaders believe will happen on climate-related issues. Membership is a cross section of industries and companies discussing climate issues.” -Tom Altmeyer, Vice President, Federal Affairs, Arch Coal Inc.

"The U.S. Climate Partnership Association continues to be indispensable as a resource for understanding the intricacies of energy, environment and climate change regulatory and policy development.  USCPA provides a timely and informative platform for policy movers and shakers to meet with senior level industry government and legislative affairs as well as energy and environmental leadership to exchange ideas and obtain a deeper understanding of legislative intent.  No other organization provides such a deep behind the scenes look into the legislative process in the energy, environment and climate change space." -Jim Lime, Vice President - Safety, Health & Environment, ConAgra Foods, Inc.

"I really value the opportunity USCPA presents to converse with those in positions of influence regarding energy and environmental policy decision making.  The intimate, informal setting allows for excellent information exchange and provides very helpful insights." -Linda Whelan, Director-EHS, Dynegy, Inc.


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